Coronavirus (COVID-19): 6 Tips and Advice From NHS&CDC You Must Know

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Summary: Learn more 'how Coronavirus spread' to stop the way that COVID-19 virus spread. And, we present the 6 tips and other advice for Coronavirus prevention:

Since Harvard's president and his wife test positive for Coronavirus, we confused more about how the COVID-19 virus spread? Bacow (president) said he's not sure how he and his wife contracted the virus, but said "far fewer people crossed our paths recently than is usually the case".

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Part 1: How COVID-19 Spread?


Image board: Coronavirus Information from ALJAZEERA web

If someone coughs or sneezes, they spray small droplets from nose, which may include the COVID-19 virus, so that these droplets and virus may float in air, attach on your clothes or be breathed into your respiratory tract.

On January 21, the WHO Western Pacific office said the disease can transmit between humans – evidence of which is apparent after medical staff became infected with the virus. 

Part 2: Therefore, to stop the sprays, here lists 6 tips:

1. Keep Distance

Keep 2 meters (3 steps) away from others, also stay away from crowd protecting yourself from Coronavirus.


Image board: Keep distance (3 steps)

2. Stay at home

Stay at home for working can reduce exposure and the chance to contact with the virus during the COVID-19 outbreaks. If you have to go out for essentials, wear a right face mask. If you don't have face masks, remember don't use hands to touch your face, mouth and nose.

Image board: Make your Coronavirus poster to mind your customers shop online during Coronavirus pandemic

3. Washing Hands in at least 20s

Wash your hands frequently and correctly with an alcohol-based rub or soap and water. The COVID-19 virus can be killed by 75% alcohol.

Here is the correct way to wash hands:

Image board: Infograohic: How to wash hands correctly (make your flow infographic now!)

4. Avoid to touch your face & keep respiratory hygiene

- wear a right face mask if possible

Based on WHO, the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted between human, and also the droplets of sneezing and coughing transmit the virus, too. So if you have to go out, wear a mask to avoid touching your face, nose, eyes to stop sprays and splashes.

Image board: Avoid to touch your face & keep respiratory hygiene

What's more, WHO also reported a few cases have difficulty in breathing, and chest radiographs show invasive pneumonic infiltrates in both lungs. So, wash your hands frequently to keep your respiratory hygiene.


Image board: wash your hands frequently to keep your respiratory hygiene.

5. Stay aware the latest information and local policies on Coronavirus in time

Check the daily information on Coronavirus outbreak by authority and local health center. Stay away from the area where the COVID-19 spread out.


Image board: Make a world map and stay aware of news on Coronavirus

Also check your local policies. Many places like London carry out lockdown. Make sure what are things you can do and what are can't.

6. Clean and Disinfect Your Home

  • Clean and remove the dust and contaminants of floor, doors and your furniture.
  • Disinfect and kill pathogens. The COVID-19 virus can be killed by 75% alcohol and chlorine-containing disinfectant.
  • Disinfect yourself and your home by 75% alcohol in a daily base if anyone has entered or exited your home.

Keep your home virus-free. Because the COVID-19 virus is transmitted from person to person, so it will face high risk if you go out and come home, disinfect your room often, keep yourself virus free.

Image board: Disinfect your home and keep virus-free

Part 3: Other Advice: for pregnant, for medical help and for self-isolation if you or someone live with has symptoms

1. If You Are Pregnant (According UK Officials and Child Health)

In general, pregnant females don't appear to be more likely to be unwell than others. And, there is no evidence indicate that the COVID-19 virus can pass to your baby while you pregnant / during birth.

2.If You Need Medical Help

If you have the symptoms of Coronavirus (high temperature, continuous cough or a new), please go to the designed hospital for medical help instead of going to GP surgery or pharmacy. Surely, you can consult symptoms or advice from local doctor, but remember to stay at home, and keep in touch online.

3. If You or Someone Live With Has Symptoms

You and someone who have symptoms need self-isolate for at least 7 days (14 days is the best), because it can take 14 days for symptoms to appear.

  • Do not go out for any reason(not for food or any medicine), ask others to buy essentials by phone or online, ask them drop the stuff off at your door.
  • Not any have visitors like your families and friends.

The Bottom Line

Follow the 6 tips for preventing virus. Learn more about how to make a video and do a face mask work against Coronavirus. Keep yourself respiratory hygiene and virus-free!

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