18 Best Fashion Logo Designs That'll Lead Fashion Businesses

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Briefs: Are you looking for cool logo designs for your fashion brands? This article has shown you the best designs & templates available for free use. Whether you are planning for a fashion web, blog, or business, you can always find an inspiring logo idea here.

Fashion represents style, taste and trend. It's a form of art, and it's never easy to find a logo idea to represent fashion. But when a group of professional designers have already crafted hundred of templates, designing a fashion logo based on their works will be easy-peasy.

In below contexts, you'll find awesome fashion logo ideas that are grouped into categories. They are all free and easy to personalize. Get inspired, find your type and design!

Part 1 - 6 Types of Fashion Logo Designs (18 Templates Free to Use)

#1.Fashion & Beauty Logos:

Free fashion & beauty logos provided by DesignEvo have enormous options for you. Browse them through to find your type.

Abstract fashion logo design

Use this template>>

"Speaking of fashion brand logo, we cannot ignore abstract design. Abstract itself is a form of art, and it's a nice way to express something differently. This abstract fashion logo has a sense of mystery, and using the dark style again emphasizes the mysterious. The overall logo design has showed the graceful, unspoken beauty, as well as some sort of royalty." - Jimmy, an expert designer.

Red heart fashion logo

Use this template>>

"It's a perfect logo for jewelry. The purpose of the fashion logo is to highlight the passion, delicateness and uniqueness. The outline of carefree heart has used elements of irregular lines & shapes to stand one of a kind, living style, and the unknown. If you choose this fashion logo, I know you are always ahead of fashion." - Katy, a fashion designer.

Elegant model fashion logo

Use this template>>

"The logo has perfectly used the method of negative design, which shows something and hides something. It represents a good fashion taste in woman wearing." - Stuart, from Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Simple fashion logo design

Use this template>>

"The simplicity design style conveys what the designer wants to show clearly. There is harmony between logo name and lady." - Matt, a 10-year graphic designer.

#2.Woman Logos:

For fashion brands focusing on women, the selection of woman logo designs can give you some inspiration.

Retro beauty fashion logo

Use this template>>

"The concept of the logo design is retro beauty. The traits behind all these elements are good quality, tastefulness, and dedication." - Jenny, a 5-year logo designer.

Fashion logo design for health

Use this template>>

"For healthy products or businesses, i.e., vitamin tablet, yoga exercise, etc., this woman fashion logo is a perfect fit. It has nature elements, as well as a healthy, good-looking woman, which fit targeted audiences' expectation." - Jimmy, a 6-year graphic designer.

#3.Underwear Logos:

Underwear business needs a faithful beauty appearance. Therefore, underwear fashion logo should have these things in its design.

Fashion logo bikini logo

Use this template>>

"Fashion wearing business, like bikini, will need such a sexy logo. It gives a projection of what young woman desires." - Peter, a full-time designer.

Joyful woman fashion logo

Use this template>>

"The picture of a joyful woman with a sense of humor conveys happiness to audiences. Such an underwear logo image shares positive attitudes successfully." - Tompson, a merit art graduate.

#4.Sunglasses Logos:

Sunglasses logo needs cool sunglasses images. It's what people want from buying a pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses fashion logo

Use this template>>

"An image of cool sunglasses is enough. Just understand the mixed colors of yellow and orange as a different visual world." - Jenny, an experienced logo designer.

Orange sunglasses fashion logo

Use this template>>

"Orange is color for passion, love and fashion. Simply using cool orange sunglasses is a brief and bold expression. Such a design is effective and users buy it." - Jessica from DesignEvo logo expert team.

#5.Clothing Logos:

Fashion is always boned with clothing. Clothing logo designer must consider many aspects when they design a clothing logo.

Fashion logo child wears

Use this template>>

"Child wear logo designs shall have children projection in its design. Carefree & happy images are prior things for children related logos." - Thorsten, a German fashion designer.

Princess fashion logo

Use this template>>

"Young lady fashion logo have pictured a young lady and leaked a little bit of her story. Audiences can feel her curiosity and exploration." - Sayem, an Indian art design expert.

Fashion logo for clothing tailor business

Use this template>>

"Tailor wearing business needs a logo telling people what their business/service is instantly. And the clothing model image has clearly pointed that out." - John, an art designer from British.

Fashion logo western suit

Use this template>>

"Suit & outfit are for servant & special agent. The tie and its surrounding clothing design in logo has show their professionalism." - Ng�n Nguy?n, designer from Vietnam.

#6.T-Shirt Logos:

T-shirts are casual clothing; lots of designers agree that it's important for T-shirt logo designs to show casualness, spirit, belief or character of its wearer.

Fashion logo Esports T-shirt

Use this template>>

"A cool esports team will need such a logo for T-shirt. It's dangerous, powerful and even some elements of aliens. It's easy to adjust its color to make it more personalized. Definitely a cool T-shirt design!" - Dennis, an experienced art school teacher.

Fashion logo caring dog

Use this template>>

"Kiddies or charity organization would prefer this kind of T-shirt. It clearly tells about caring and loving." - Jackie, DesignEvo art team manager.

Fashion logo soccer football

Use this template>>

"To FIFA video game teams or soccer leagues, this kind of fashion logo is made for champions. It looks professional." - Jason, an 8-year logo designer.

Fashion logo for game player

Use this template>>

"This T-shirt logo template is designed for professional game player. Purple is the color of royalty. The overall design shows the wearer is unstoppable, faithful, unafraid of any fights." - Watson, a visual designer & producer for video games.

Part 2 - How to Design a Fashion Logo for Free?

To design a fashion logo you want, you have 2 paths to go:

#1.Design Your Fashion Logo Based on a Template:

If you've found a fashion logo template above interesting, just click in and designing a logo can be finished within mere steps.

  1. Type in/Paste your logo name, slogan.
  2. Check if you want to modify some color or graphics. If yes, select the element on the canvas, and its changeable options will show. Just choose your preferred design item.
  3. Preview and download your fashion logo design.

#2.Design Your Fashion Logo from Scratch:

If you want some other logo designs instead, you can search other keywords in DesignEvo's logo maker. Also, if you have enough creativity, you can try designing a logo from scratch.

  1. In DesignEvo logo maker, hit [Start From Scratch].
  2. On the bottom, find the selection of canvas size and enter your wanted logo dimension.
  3. Search an icon as your logo graphic, enlarge it to fit your design canvas.
  4. Go [TEXT] and choose a font design, adjust its position and size.
  5. Preview and download your fashion logo.

Make Your Fashion Logo Now >>

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