2019 Wedding Invitation Wording Examples in All Styles

The wedding is all about happiness, but it would be meaningless if there is no one to witness the union of you and your beloved one and give sincere wishes.

To have more people be with you in the big day, wedding invitation wording is crucial. Even though there are no certain rules to follow while writing these important words, the wedding invitation wording should at least include the following elements:

  • 1. Who is hosting
  • 2. The request to come
  • 3. Names of the bride and groom
  • 4. The date and time
  • 5. The location
  • 6. Reception
  • 7. Other information

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1. Who is hosting

Under most circumstances, it is the parents who are hosting. Their names should be listed at the top of the invitation. The two couple's names should be listed in two lines.


Mr. John Wilson and Marie Wilson

And Mr. Robert Black and Emma Black

Invite you to the wedding of .....

To include parents who passed away, the word 'late' is appropriate.


Mr. Dylan Fountaine and Mrs. Blair Fountaine

Mrs. Sara Byrne and late Mr. Jacob Byrne

Request the honor of your company at the .......

To include stepparents' names on the wedding invitation, only show their first names.


Mr. & Mrs. Cumings, Mr. & Mrs. Harrow,

Mr. & Mrs. Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. Clark

Invite you to witness the union of ....

Nowadays, more brides and grooms are paying for their weddings, or jointly holding with their parents, it is also great to leave out parents' names.


Together with their parents, Emily and Jim request the pleasure of your company ...

2. The request to come

There are many ways to offer an invitation. The invitation words can be formal or informal. Here are a few excellent ideas.


"Honor your presence to the wedding of.."

"Invite you to witness the union of ..."

"Request the pleasure of your company on the wedding of ..."


"Would love for you to join them on the wedding of"

"Invite you to celebrate with ..."

"Kindly join us at the wedding of ..."

  • Note1. The British spelling of "Honour" in the wedding invitation means the wedding will be held in a church. Be careful with this word.
  • 2. For very formal weddings, it is better to include the guest' name in the invitation.

The names of the bride and groom

Most of the time, the bride and groom's name should be in the hosting lines. If not, their names should be listed in the middle of a few lines down. The bride's name in the front, followed by the name of the groom.

The date and time

For formal weddings, the wedding invitation wording should contain no numerals, but any forms of time writing are acceptable.

The location

With a more complete address, your guest are less likely to get lost. If omitting doesn't cause any confusion, it is also OK.


This should be in a different card on formal occasions. If the wedding and reception are held in the same place, you may want to print "the reception immediately following" or "reception to follow at" behind the address. If not, the place where the reception is held should be noted in the next line.

Other information

If you like, here are some other information you may want to include in the wedding invitation wording.

* Dress code. You may want the guest to wear clothes that match the wedding theme.

* Contact information. Leave emails or phone numbers in the wedding invitation so that guests can contact you if there are any questions.

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